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In the words of Aretha Franklin, I need to talk about respect.

I am a working mum of my own small business. I work hard personally and professionally like most of us do, I'm no different to anyone else.

If I send a text message to a friend, I expect a reply. It may not always be an instant text back as I know life is busy and we all have a lot to deal with at the moment, but I will get one at some point.

If I email about an issue to a retailer about a goods delivery experience I'm not happy with, I'd expect a reply to say they will take on the feedback.

If I contact a company to give me a quote on work done to my home, maybe some floor tiles for a bathroom, I would await a response, even if it takes until the weekend to get acknowledgement that they've received my email, and then I'm told I will quote me in 2 weeks time.

So when I take time out of my day with my daughter at home to pull together a design for your wedding, as well as pricing up a quote, why do I not always get a reply back?

Maybe the price is more than you were expecting?

Maybe you don't like my ideas?

Maybe you've decided you'd prefer to go with another supplier?

These are all absolutely understandable, valid and fair reasons, but why not just let me know?! To be completely ghosted after I've spent time working on someone's individual ideas is so disheartening. Just think how you would feel if nobody replied to you at work? It's not only frustrating, but it actually makes me sad. No one should be ignored. It's unkind and unfair, and undeserved when I've done what has been asked of me. If the price is more than you were hoping, just let me know and I can talk through some different options that suit your budget better. If the designs are not what you were hoping for tell me what you don't like and I can see if there are any other ideas that you'd prefer.

I don't expect everyone who asks for a quote to go with me. I can handle rejection, but as a business owner I will only grow if I get feedback. Working for yourself can have great benefits, as I can work to a time that suits me and my family, as well as create a business that whole heartedly I am proud of. The work that I do is bespoke and unique. It takes time, effort and creativity to pull together. I work on building up a strong relationship between myself and the client which allows me to design the best ideas to suit you and your partner. I love that I am able to say I create bespoke work. It's a service which I am most passionate and proud of. The down side of this is you don't know the price straight away. I cannot just put up a price list on this type of design work. This is the same for bespoke wedding stationary suppliers, bespoke cake makers, floral designers, custom made bridal dress designers and many more.

When I pull together your design sheet and quote I put several hours of my time into finding inspirational photos which best suit your brief and my natural creative style. I contact suppliers to get prices on equipment needed. I look into seasonal flower prices, and price up each design. This is all to help clients bring their vision closer to reality and give an understanding of what's possible and the costs involved. I do all this for free.

So I'm asking for just a little respect to us creative folk who are doing our best to offer bespoke services. Please think about the level of detail and thought that goes into giving you a quote. We deserve a response back whether it's that you've decided to go with someone else or not.

Times have been tough and scary for us all this year and I'm a big advocate for being kind and thinking of others feelings. Respect is mutual and doesn't cost anything. Let's help each other instead of knocking each other down. Every ignored email is a real knock for a small business.

Photos were taken during a styled shoot with a group of amazingly talented people, some whom also offer bespoke services.

Photo credit Magda K Photography

Venue the Willow Marsh Farm

Hair by Harriet Harvey Hair

Make up by Amy Wilkinson MUA

Cake design by The Confetti Cakery

Wedding stationary by Amy Bailey Design

Dress Rue De Seine Bridal from The Wedding Club

Ribbons by Laik Style

Concept and coordination Unique Your Wedding

Flowers and stylist Unique Your Wedding

Models Elsa Megan and Zara Robinson


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