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How do I decide on a Wedding theme?

Choosing a theme for your Wedding day is super exiting, but it can be very stressful!

The joy of todays world is that we can find so many different ideas within a couple of minutes online. The downside is we can be easily tempted to change our minds, or deviate so that we end up with a "mish-mash" of themes which don't flow well.

If you can resist it, try to sit with your partner first before scrolling through pintrest!!! Think about your likes as a couple and see if there a common theme? Don't worry if there isn't, having specific parts of the day relevant to each of you will make your special day totally unique!

Then think about your venue and write down words which immediately spring to mind when you visualise your venue. Colours can be added in at a later date to enhance your overall look. Lots of people start off with the colour first, however the end look can then be very overwhelming as you continue to use this specific colour all the time throughout your clothing, flowers and décor.

At Unique Your Wedding we get to know every couple and pull together "your story" to create a true reflexion of your personalities which also suits your venue and budget perfectly. We can help iron out how both your personalities and ideas can fit beautifully into one day.

Once you've decided on a theme for your big day then the fun starts!! Pull as many ideas from as many different places as you can. If you have a Wedding Planner then you can both research and bounce ideas off each other. This will really help your workload and encourage new ideas. If you and your partner have got slightly different ideas that's okay!!! Its good to bring true individuality into the day and your Wedding Planner can help bring these elements together in a cohesive way within your theme.

Once you have created a vision for your special day, then stick to it!!! Do not be tempted to change your mind or add new elements into the design that dont suit the original theme. It will loose clarity and your day will seem disjointed. If you are tempted by a new idea then just go back to your original brief and think about your first vision of your day, and you will be back on track!

Happy theme designing!!

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