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Styling your wedding venue

Almost every couple I meet prior to their wedding has a very clear picture in their head of what their wedding day will look like.  Whether its using inspiration from magazines or more popularly via Pinterest and Instagram, you can be easily overwhelmed with themes and styles for your big day.  Hiring a stylist to support you with really help with cohesively bringing the whole look of the day together.  We can not only help with how it looks but the most difficult part, actually putting it all together so that it actually looks like all those inspirational pictures you've set your heart on!  


Hiring a stylist who has experience in placement and grouping for impact will truly make your wedding venue look the best it can on your special day.  I always have an extra kit of parts with me in my car just in case something doesn't quite look right and needs that extra something to finish it off perfectly.  




Venue dressing:

  • Venue co-ordination and room set up of your wedding and reception venues.

Prices start from £150

When my clients ask me to style their weddings I try to build a clear picture through photographic examples but more importantly we discuss the mood and feeling that we are trying to create.  This builds trust between us and reassures the couple that I'm going to put all my effort into designing and styling their wedding to the very highest standards and ensure that the right atmosphere is created throughout.
"Wow is best to describe Katie's work!  Every floral decoration was finished so fine to detail and unique.  I like something a bit different and not just your "run of the mill" wedding décor, and Katie did this magnificently!  She helped me through the stressful process, putting me at ease and explaining everything.  The bouquets were more than I could have ever expected and I was blown away with how beautiful it was.  I have already recommended Katie to all of my friends but would advise anyone to use her as she will certainly make your day so special."
Emilia Cookson

"10 out of 10!

Flawless and fantastic customer service with excellent response times.  The venues were set up perfectly and so much effort was put in.  They were decorated as if it was your own wedding!  Would we recommend Unique Your Wedding to others?......YES YES!!!"

Anna Meakin

Venue styling and room set up from £150

Photo credits go to the super talented Magda.  To check out more of her beautiful work follow the link here!

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