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Wedding PA

Planning a wedding is such an exciting time!  Some of us have dreamed about it our whole life's, others want to plan it as quickly as possible in a short space of time.  Whatever the situation, planning a wedding is a very time consuming and stressful process.  It takes up a lot of your energy and the list of things to do can be endless.  Having a little helping hand who is not related to support you who is not emotional attached can make the world of difference.  As a wedding PA I can research and follow up with suppliers for you, prompt when suppliers need to be paid, suggest ideas when you need them, reassure you when you feel unconfident, and generally be there to relieve the pressure!  Your wedding planning experience should be enjoyable but there is so much pressure for it to be perfect!  We put this pressure on ourselves and in todays world where we work full time, its easier said than done expecting to be able to cope with the additional work load of planning a wedding. 

Maybe you've come to the realisation that you cant help with setting up your wedding.  Almost all couples I have worked with want to be as involved as they can in their big day as they have a vision of how they want it all to look.  However the reality is that on the morning of your wedding (and even from the evening before) you should be totally at ease, enjoying the moment!  Spend it with friends and family who have travelled especially to come and see YOU!  Don't be worrying about how and what time something is going to be set up at your venue.  Let me help you out! 

Couples who are getting married at a separate venue to their reception also find that an extra pair of hands helping to coordinate everything works particularly well as your venue wedding coordinator will only be involved with your wedding at their venue. 


Packages start from as little as £50 and I can tailor make my support to best suit you.  You still plan your wedding, you just have that extra support when you need it!


"Working with Katie for my wedding has been nothing short of a pleasure.  Her help has been invaluable, and her creativity is astounding.  I don't feel stress at all as I know she will make sure without fail that everything is going to be ok and look amazing!

Her research and interaction with suppliers has been especially brilliant.  I can highly recommend Katie for a professional and exciting experience in planning your wedding, styling your wedding day, and help on the day itself." 


Caroline Anderson

Individual Wedding Packages

Co-ordination of your big day:

This package can be tailored to your specific needs during your wedding day.

Prices start from £250


Wedding planning only:

This package can be tailor made to your needs and your budget.

Prices start from £50 for single item research



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